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Whey Powder

Product Info:

Brand                           Szalpol , Mlekpol

Origin                           Poland

Packing                         25 Kg Bag

Grade Standard           Food Grade

General Description:

Whey is a by-product of manufacturing of hard, semi-hard and soft cheese. It’s a valuable raw material for producing whey powder and value adding products like whey protein concentrate (WPC) and whey protein isolate (WPI).

Compositional Information:

Moisture: 3.5% max

Fat: Protein: 1.25% max

Ash: 12.0% min.

Scorched Particles: 7.0%max

Colour: White/Light Cream

Microbiological Data:

Total plate count: 10.000/g max
Coliforms: negative

Staphylococcus (Coagulase Pos.): negative

Salmonella: negative


Used for production of ice creams, cakes, confectionaries, bread, milk based drinks, feed for live stock

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