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Sulphonic Acid (LABSA)

Product Info:

Brand                          Ittehad, Tufail

Origin                         Pakistan

Packing                      225 Kg Drum

Grades                       90% & 96%

Grade Standard        Technical Grade

General Description:

Linear alkylbenzenes are a family of organic compounds with the formula C₆H₅CₙH₂ₙ₊₁. LABSA (Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic Acid) is the world’s largest volume surfactant, widely used in household detergents as well as numerous other industrial applications. LABSA is produced by sulfonation of LAB (Linear alkylbenzene).

Items  Specifications
Active Matter 90% Maximum
Free Oil 1%. Maximum
Sulphuric Acid 4-7%
Klette Color 50 Maximum
Moisture 2%. Maximum
Items  Specifications
Active Matter 96% Maximum
Acid Value 176 – 184 Mg / gm
Free Sulphuric Acid 1.5% Maximum
Klette Color 45 Maximum
Moisture 1%. Maximum


Soap & Detergents, Agriculture Industries

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