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250 KG Drum

Grade Standard

Food Tech

General Description

Glycerin, also known as glycerol or glycerin, is a colorless, odorless, and viscous liquid. It is a trihydric alcohol with a chemical formula C3H8O3. Glycerin is derived from natural sources such as vegetable oils.


Cosmetics and Personal Care Products:

  • Moisturizers: Glycerin is a popular ingredient in moisturizing creams, lotions, and serums due to its humectant properties. It helps attract and retain moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and preventing dryness.
  • Soaps and Cleansers: Glycerin is used in soap production to improve lather, moisturize the skin, and enhance the soap’s overall mildness.
  • Hair Care Products: Glycerin is found in shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to provide moisture, smoothness, and manageability to the hair.

Food and Beverage Industry:

  • Sweetener: Glycerin is used as a sweetening agent in various food and beverage products. It provides a sweet taste without causing a significant increase in blood sugar levels.
  • Humectant: Glycerin helps prevent food products from drying out by attracting and retaining moisture. It is used in baked goods, confectionery, dairy products, and processed foods.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare:

  • Oral Medications: Glycerin is used in pharmaceutical preparations as a solvent, excipient, or preservative. It is commonly found in cough syrups, liquid medications, and oral suspensions.
  • Topical Preparations: Glycerin is used in ointments, creams, and gels as a humectant, emollient, and moisturizing agent to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Industrial and Chemical Applications:

  • Solvent: Glycerin is a versatile solvent that is used in various industrial processes, including the production of paints, inks, dyes, and resins.
  • Chemical Intermediates: Glycerin serves as a building block for the synthesis of other chemicals, such as esters, polyols, and aldehydes. These intermediates are used in the production of plastics, polyurethanes, and other chemical products.

Miscellaneous Applications:

  • Tobacco Industry: Glycerin is used as a humectant and moisturizer in tobacco products, helping to maintain moisture levels and improve the overall smoking experience.
  • Veterinary and Animal Care: Glycerin is used in veterinary medicines, animal feed, and oral care products for animals.


Item Specification Result
Specific Gravity (25/25degC) % 1.26183
Assay % 99.93
Color APHA 2.5
Fatty Acids& Esters (0.5N Naoh) ml 0.51
Chlorides % 2.07
Ash % < 0.01
Sulphates ppm < 20
Chlorinated Compounds ppa < 30
Moisture % 0.07
Acrolein, Glucose & Ammonium Compounds % PASS
Metals Analysis % %
Arsenic ppm < 1.5
Heavy Metals ppm < 5

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