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Acetic Acid

Product Info:

Brand                               Lotte

Origin                               Korea

Packing                            35 Kg Can

Grade Standard              Food & Tech

General Description:

Acetic acid is a simple monocarboxylic acid containing two carbons. It has a role as a protic solvent, a food acidity regulator, an antimicrobial food preservative and a Daphnia magna metabolite. It is a conjugate acid of acetate. Acetic acid is a product of the oxidation of ethanol and of the destructive distillation of wood. It is used locally, occasionally internally, as a counterirritant and also as a reagent. (Stedman, 26th ed) Acetic acid otic (for the ear) is an antibiotic that treats infections caused by bacteria or fungus.

Property Specification
Chemical Formula CH3COOH
Molecular Weight 60.052 g/mol
Appearance Clear, colorless liquid
Odor Pungent
Acidity (pH) < 2.5
Melting Point 16.6°C
Boiling Point 118.1°C
Density 1.049 g/cm3
Vapor Pressure 11.7 mmHg at 20°C


Food and Beverage Industry, Dairy Industry, Baking Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Textile Industry

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